How Is Melabis Revolutionising The Industry Of Medical Cannabis?
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The cannabis market has recorded rapid growth over the years. Today, there is a need to produce more cannabis to support the medical industry as a way of making it possible to find solutions to various health complications. Melabis is one of the few companies that have played a central role in revolutionising the industry of medical cannabis.

State-Of-The-Art Cultivation and Processing

Through investors like Christian Ellul, Melabis has been able to support modern techniques of cultivation and processing of the cannabis plant. This is to ensure that medical sectors in Europe and Asia find enough products to support their research and development of new forms of treatment. Since there is a consistent growth of customers, the company seeks to enhance its global operation.

Through research, Melabis has realised that the quality of cannabis is determined by how it is processed. Therefore, the company uses innovative machines and techniques to process its products in a way that makes them instrumental in medical research. They achieve this by listening to what their customers need and then working to provide the most sustainable solutions.

Sustainable Eco-Friendly Solutions

The war against plastic has compelled various companies to search for eco-friendly, sustainable solutions. Thus, through the cultivation of cannabis, Melabis has made it possible for such companies to find by-products that can be easily converted into biomass. Biomass is more about organic materials that can be utilised to produce energy.

The biomass from the cannabis plant comes from stalk pulps or recently harvested crops. The products are then refined to end up with low-cost biodiesel and bioethanol that can replace the use of carbon, thereby leading to a sustainable, eco-friendly approach.

CBD Oils

Did you know that the cannabis plant features at least 112 cannabinoids? This includes THC and CBD. During the extraction process, the most needed compounds are extracted and used to create a range of cannabis products.

Melabis has its primary focus on CBD, which has been used widely in Europe and its environs. CBD serves as the primary foundation of all the company’s oils.

Melabis provides a wide range of CBD oils that can be used for different ailments. CBD has been used for many years for pain relief, stiffness, inflammations, etc. Certain CBD oils can also be used to treat epilepsy and many other neuropsychiatric disorders.

Adequate Support

Melabis understands that the demand for cannabis products is on the rise, not only in Europe and Asia but globally. This explains why it has placed at least 500 acres of land under cannabis cultivation. Also, those who would like to support the activity can do so using the information available on the company’s website. It is also possible to get in touch with the leaders to learn how the process works.

Final Thoughts

While some countries are yet to legalise the cultivation of cannabis, Melabis is already making a difference and revolutionising the industry of medical cannabis. The company leverages innovative ways to extract CBD oil and leave behind by-products that can be used to find eco-friendly energy solutions.

In the next few years, due to the rise in demand for cannabis-based products, the company shall be able to attain its goal of serving the entire globe with some of the most coveted medical and environmental solutions.

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