Your Business Plan During Coronavirus: Are You Adapting Quickly Enough?
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Are You Adapting Quickly Enough And Will You Survive?

The COVID-19 crisis has and continues to affect all of us and looks to do so for the foreseeable. However, if you’re a business owner, this year is likely to have been the most difficult year you have ever faced.

You Need To Adapt In Order To Survive

Every day, the media is reporting vast numbers of businesses that have been forced to close their doors, ultimately leading to job losses and redundancies. It’s a very difficult time with no end in sight, however, there are ways you can and should be adapting to overcome this crisis.

For any business, never has there been a more important time to have a strong online presence. If you didn’t before, you should certainly have your own website where people are able to book or purchase your products as well as a strong and active social media platform where you can communicate with existing and potential customers.

Consumers have turned to support local businesses so making sure you’re top of mind is imperative to secure the sales you need.

Operate Safely

You should ensure that you’re able to operate safely if you’re a face to face retailer, such as a cafe or clothes shop or even a financial adviser such as Christian Ellul. You should follow the stringent hygiene guidelines, making sure that you offer sanitizer at the entrance of your shop, have plastic screens up to protect both you and the consumer and where required, face masks and the track and trace system should be used effectively. 

Delivery Services

If you offer a delivery service, make sure that you wear gloves and always sanitize your hands after dealing with bags or parcels.

Deliveries should always be left on the doorstep and you should limit your contact with customers as much as possible. As a business, you should be able to offer customers a contact-free payment option and although this could be costly to your business if you haven’t invested in card machines, it’s definitely worth doing to survive and thrive in this tough economic climate. 

Online Reviews

You should encourage customers to share reviews of your business online and to encourage them to share your business page by offering a competition or discount. This will spread the word and market your business for next to no money which is great for your business. 

Being a big or small business that is easy to adapt is key in these challenging times. Lockdowns and changes to how consumers shop are happening more than ever and so it’s important that you’re open to change and are able to deliver a high-quality service, with the guidelines and changes implemented in mind. 

These are very challenging times that we’re living through but businesses can and continue to thrive despite this. It will be harder than usual to keep your business going but customers are willing to spend – they just need to know that you are open and able to operate in a safe and secure way. Get yourself online, offer contact-free payment options and continue to do what you do – deliver an incredible service. 

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